Roundup — October '17

You've stumbled upon my brand new blog series, titled Roundup. Although a great deal happens every month, in this completely professional context, I'll be discussing what I'm doing work-wise. Seeing as I'm a freelancer, what I'm working on and who I'm working with varies exponentially, and each month differs completely from that one that came before. 

October, despite its reputation for being a rather frightening month, has been quite the opposite so far. I've been helping one client edit his book, writing and editing meticulous web copy for Proper Sky, in addition to launching a new Slack group called Cargo, which is aimed solely at copywriters. 

Proper Sky

For the past month, I've been working alongside the fantastic CEO of Proper Sky. Proper Sky is a managed services provider, and they work in the niches of cloud services, cyber security, EHR and EMR, in addition to implementing technology in the healthcare and medical field. Together the CEO and I have been strategising the content for their shiny, new website. The majority of my time has been spent penning down the web copy, and then whipping it into shape via the process of editing. I've also been working on a blog post series for them, covering various IT related subjects which appeal to everyone: from the trained tech-heads to the novices. 

This is still very much a WIP, so although I can't preview any copy just yet, expect to see the results in the coming months when the website goes live. And seeing as it's October and extremely close to Halloween, I'm trying hard to resist quoting the oh-so-famous phrase from the 1931 film adaption of Frankenstein.



Slack has been one of those apps I've been constantly inconsistent with. Sometimes I'll use it a great deal to communicate with clients, and then there are periods where I don't start the application up at all. To rectify this issue, I decided that I'd incorporate Slack into my day-to-day work schedule, seeing as it is a rather nifty piece of software. 

A week later, and apart from the client-related groups I found myself in, I realised that I hadn't subscribed to any social groups. What's more is that after hours of Googling, I couldn't find a single Slack hub for copywriters to congregate in. All the links I came across had expired, and if I did manage to find a working link, the group itself was completely and utterly barren. No online members. No communication. Nothing.

An hour later, Cargo was born. I pride myself on the fact that we have certain channels that simply can't be found anywhere else. For example, there's #angermanagement - a place to let all the writing/client-related anguish out. There's also the #workshop channel, which is a space for copywriters to get feedback on writing they're working on. #extrahands, meanwhile, is used for forwarding work and links to potential clients to other copywriters. And last but by no means least, there's #chatroom, where anything goes. Each channel has been fully utilised - and it's only been around a few days! 

Cargo so far has gained a lot of traction via Reddit. We've already got a handful of talented members in our midst. So if you're a copywriter yourself, come and join us via this link. We won't bite. Unless it's part of a Halloween schtick, of course.