Roundup — Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018 

It’s 2018 already?! The proverb “time flies when you’re having fun” really is true — and especially where my work is concerned. Last year was an extremely productive, rewarding, and illuminating year for me as a freelancer copywriter and editor: here’s hoping this year will be just as good, if not better.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’m currently working on.


No Rest for the Wicked.

Over the past few (busy) months, my time has been spent creating compelling web sales copy, writing blog posts, and editing all manner of materials from books to brochures. I managed to get a little sleep along the way, too. 

The shiny, new content will be linked to very soon — after my clients have uploaded the work to their respective domains. 



Blue and Beige is the New Black!

Does my website look big in this? You may’ve noticed that my site — yes, the one you’re scrolling through this very second — has had a bit of an upgrade. I opted for a one-page, scrolling design instead of sectioning my website off into separate parts. Hopefully this streamlined version will not only easier on the eyes, but also easier to navigate, as well. 

Adore it? Detest it? “Meh”? Let me know what you think of the changes by leaving a comment below! 


Looking to the Future. 

With the new year, I’m on the lookout for brand-spanking new clients and projects. Let’s ensure 2018 gets off to the right start by diving head-first into a collaboration together. No matter if you’d like copy written by a wordsmith or sage editorial oversight, my wordy know-how will get you the results you need. There’s no time for dillydallying. Use my contact form to start a conversation today! 


So, that’s Roundup finished until next time. But, before you go, let me end by saying I hope your 2018 starts off wonderfully.


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