Roundup — February '18 - May '18


If you’re bored of reading (so many GDPR-related emails were sent in the past week…) try not to give up just yet. Make it through this blog post (which is filled with far better copy than those darsteadly, pesky privacy updates) before you decide to renounce reading altogether.

We’re officially halfway through 2018, and in the past few months since my last blog post, I’ve worked with an eclectic mix of wonderful new clients. 



Olga Vasilevsky runs AUMI4 - an online retailer creating and stocking bespoke, artisanly-crafted bags - but with an affordable price tag. I’ve penned multiple email sequences for Olga, so if you sign up on the website today, you’ll see my copy in action. It’s definitely worth subscribing for. Plus, you’ll even earn yourself a hefty discount code… and everybody loves a discount code. 



Scripts are an absolute pleasure to write: there’s freedom, flexibility, and a lot fun involved. Luckily, I’ve been writing voiceover scripts for an independent animator. The topics were naturally varied: from discussing the future of the automatic car to concerns over our digital information being harvested, these scripts were a healthy mix of politics, cultural comment, and wondering about some of the modern day’s biggest issues. The videos are now being produced, and the viewable links will be provided in a separate blog post shortly… 


The New Statesman

When I’m not writing copy, I’m writing all manner of things. Essays, articles, journalism - you name it, I’ll be scribbling it down somewhere. Last month I had the privilege of having my article on capitalist ownership published by the New Statesman. Writing for such a prestigious and politically-engaged periodical was an honour. You can read the piece for yourself by clicking this link.


Branching Out

The wonder of copywriting is how versatile it can be, and, as a freelance copywriter, having the privilege of dipping my toes in different fields. Currently, I’d love to get involved with the following niches: video game story writing, D&D campaign writing, app copy, web copy, general copy editing, and editing creative writing. So, if you’re involved in the aforementioned fields and are looking for a wordsmith or editor, send me an email and let’s talk about your project.



Thom James