Thom James Carter is a freelance copywriter and editor based in London, United Kingdom.



Hi! I'm Thom.

After years of working in-house for various start-ups in London, I decided to become a full-time freelancer. It's safe to say that was the right decision. In the last four years, I've accepted contracts from clients such as Google, Nightwatch, Battlecat! Studios, QliQ, Proper Sky and Clickwolves. No matter if I'm writing fresh copy or rewritting pre-existing words, or proofreading material and editing it, I ensure the content I'm overseeing is watertight.

Am I trustworthy? Definitely. I'm an accredited member of The Professional Copywriters' Network, plus I run the copy-centered Slack channel "Cargo". I also discuss client projects and other writing (ad)ventures over on my blog.


I've worked with some stellar clients; it's hard not to namedrop. Seeing as it's a requirement, though, here's a handful of high-profile clients I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with. 


I helped out with improving Google's voice-recognition software. It involved words, surprisingly enough. (More to come soon...)



I adored writing advertisement scripts for this East London animation studio. For my first project, I wrote about the history of hats for a campaign with Philip Tracey x Fenwick. In our second collaboration, I wrote about beer-brewing hipsters using Property.Works to find a commercial warehouse.

[Battlecat! Studios]


I'm currently working on Proper Sky's brand new site with their CEO, Jim Smith, who initially wrote the copy himself. We're working tirelessly to ensure the updated, flashy website is chock full of interesting content. From eye-catching sales copy to informative blog posts, I've been utilising my writing skills so that this great MSP attracts the right kind of client.

[Proper Sky] 


Nightwatch.io is a state-of-the-art SEO tracker. This nifty app can do the work of ten people all by itself! I wrote about how Nightwatch compares to the other SEO trackers out there (from the likes of Moz and Majestic), and just how brilliant it is overall. Really, it's one to watch out for.



Zane at Clickwolves LLC contacted me to write web copy for his attorney marketing business, Breakthrough Legal Marketing. After working together and finally settling on a tone we thought would be effective, I penned pages of engaging web sales copy for them in addition to SEO-focused blog posts.





AUMI4 has been one of my more recent clients. I worked closely with Olga, the owner of AUMI4, to create a tailored email-letter series to ensure that subscribers will click the links, view her products, and ultimately put one of Olga’s artisanally-crafted bags through the checkout. We aligned her vision with my practical wordsmithery to dramatically increase product sales. And the results speak for themselves.


Who are GotPrint, exactly? The key is in the name. They're an online printing service which can print just about anything you can imagine. Posters, postcards: you name it. They'll magic it into existence. For GotPrint I wrote a series of articles letting the world know about the wonder that is GotPrint.




I have worked with Thom on several occasions. He is enthusiastic, a pleasure to work with, and more than capable of bringing even the most boring of topics to life!
— Samara Kamenecka, Tiny Fry
Thom’s punchy, pithy writing has helped increase traffic to our brand’s site by tenfold. Not only that, but our visitors stay around for a lot longer too.
— Ibrahim Ahmed, The SEO Agency
Need a copywriter? Contact Thom immediately. The rest is history.
— Marjorie Jones, OneSEO
I reached out to Thom and he returned work the very next day. His response and turnaround time is incredibly fast.
— Zane Myers, Clickwolves LLC

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