Blog Post

Regular writer off on holiday? No sweat. I can write a one-off post for your blog matching the usual tone and voice. It'll be as if they never left. Or perhaps you're looking for some new blood? Seeing as blood makes up 7% of a human’s body weight, I have litres of it! 5.5 litres in fact. Perfect for getting a blog post or two for you down.

I charge £0.10 per word for blog posts. That's £10 for 100 words, £100 for 1,000. Bargain.


Blog Post Series

Has your regular decided to extend that holiday - indefinitely? No biggie. I can curate a blog post series so business can resume as normal. This is also a great option if you've launched a new site which needs to hit the ground running.

I curate a site's blog series in accordance with your company's ethos. What is the purpose of the site? What's the readership? What will keep visitors engaged and amused? These are all queries I question when creating a plan of action. My previous work successfully compliments the site in question's branding, as well as drawing in increased user traffic. 


Web Copy

It's not just good web design that'll engage visitors: it's great copy, too. It's a crucial aspect which many business owners completely disregard, thinking that they can do it themselves. Don't be one of those business owners. They're losing customers. And fast.

When writing web copy, I take into consideration exactly what needs to be said and how. Tone, voice, register and call-to-action will all be dealt with collaboratively, so you end up with the words your site deserves.

I charge £0.10 per word for web copy. The project won't be finished until you're 100% happy with the content I've generated. 


Editing and Rewriting

A lot of clients contact me for editing and rewriting purposes - especially if English isn't their native language. I manage to spruce up their site with a little Spring clean. 

For editing and rewriting, the price I charge depends on the content. If it's a website, I'll ask for £10 per page due to the specificity required. Need a blog post or white paper overlooked? That'll be less. Around £5 per page. That's a lot of bang for your buck.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.31.27.png

Social Media Copy

In a world where being social is key, you need to say the right things at the right time. Luckily, I'm skilled at writing those words for you! No matter if it's for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I can schedule content for you with punchy, pithy content written alongside it. 

Pricing therefore varies. Contact me with info about what you want posted, how many posts you'd like, and when. Let's figure out an appropriate plan of action.