I helped out with improving Google's voice-recognition software. It involved words, surprisingly. Luckily I have tons of words stuffed in my brain. (More to come soon...)


Nightwatch is a state-of-the-art SEO tracker. This nifty app can do the work of ten people all by itself! I wrote about how Nightwatch compares to the other SEO trackers out there (from the likes of Moz and Majestic), and just how brilliant it is overall. Really, it blows my mind.

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Who are GotPrint, exactly? The key is in the name. They're an online printing service which can print just about anything you can imagine. Posters, postcards: you name it. They'll magic it into existence. For GotPrint I wrote a series of articles letting the world know about the wonder that is GotPrint.

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Battlecat! Studios

I adored writing advertisement scripts for this East London animation studio. For my first project, I wrote about the history of hats for a campaign with Philip Tracey x Fenwick. In our second collaboration, I wrote about beer-brewing  hipsters using Property.Works to find a commercial warehouse.

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Don't you love it when things just seem to click? I certainly clicked with QliQ. Based in Reading, UK, they're a digital agency who needed a blog-post series to promote their company nationally and internationally. I helped them to gain much-deserved recognition by curating a series of blog posts.


Logical Localization & Translation

Let's face it: if you're in need of a translation, Google Translate just isn't going to cut it. It doesn't pick up the nuances of other languages like real, human interpreters do. The team at Logical Localization & Translation are 100% human, and do an amazing job. I created a blog series to help them garner more traffic. And it worked.


Proper Sky

I'm currently working on Proper Sky's brand new site. Proper Sky's CEO and I are working tirelessly to ensure their updated, flashy website is chock full of interesting content. From eye-catching sales copy to informative blog posts, I've been utilising my writing skills so that this great MSP attracts the right kind of client.



I've worked with other fantastic, forward-thinking clients.
The ones mentioned above just happen to be some of my favourites.