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Thom James is a British writer now based in Berlin. His work has appeared or is upcoming in: The White Review, The Quietus, Physique Pictorial, Ambit, Hello Mr., The New Statesman, The Huffington Post, The London Economic, The Brixton Review of Books, and more. For the past three years he has helped organise Lit Live, a literary reading series based in south London. Thom has an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths, University of London.

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The White Review — Jenny Holzer: In Conversation

The Quietus — Robbing the Diseased Society: David Wojnarowicz in New York

The Quietus — The Art of Remembrance: Memory Palace at the White Cube

The New Statesman — Spotify, Netflix, and now driverless shared cars: why don’t we own anything anymore?

Physique Pictorial — Digital Debauchery: The Politics of Nudity in Digital Space

Ambit — The Art of Imagining Yourself as Beloved

Hello Mr. — A Compendium of Loss

The Huffington Post — Why Do We Break Our Backs to Survive in London?

The Huffington Post — AI and EG: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Reports on Eugene Goostman

The London Economic — Kenneth Goldsmith Spends a Lot of Time on Facebook



Personal Essays — Described as “radically honest” by Erica Wagner, my personal essays home in on the messiness of lived experience. Driven by voice, my essays are investigative, ironic, and deadpan.

Art Criticism — My focus is on modern and contemporary art and, more specifically, queer art. As with anything I write, I intend my criticism to be accessible: I take an active stance against impenetrable, over-academicised art writing. Writing shouldn’t isolate the reader, and reading should remain a democratic act.

Cultural Criticism — Cultural criticism commissions have led me to write on a diverse range of topics and subjects, from politics to the economy.